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AMPET Isolation Amplifiers

AMPET Isolation Amplifiers
  • 2Z01H
  • 3Z200
  • 5Z-20
  • 5Z-21
  • 5Z-21Y (for Yaskawa PCB)
  • 8Z-200
  • 8Z-200M2
  • 8Z-200S2
  • 8Z-201S2
  • 8Z-201T2 (PDF 31KB)
  • 8Z-201S2
  • 8Z-220T2
  • 8Z-205A
  • 8Z-205B
  • 8Z-205S
  • 8A-120T (PDF 23KB)
  • 5A-11 (PDF 23KB)
  • HVS-01(Super High Voltage Sensor)

*Please ask Aikoh isolation amplifiers for Yaskawa PCB and Fanuc PCB
*the contents are being developed and will be renewal soon